Monday, 31 March 2014

I am Ridhi Agarwal from Baranagar and Bally also.I am a divorcee lady and have a son 3 years old.I have married to Mr.Sengupta who is working Indian air lines a officer but he was totally incapable man in sexual life and within 1 second sperms discharged.So I am starting physical relationship with Sengupta's friend circle and my own friend circle.Still now I am interested a successful sexual partner.If any guy interested to meet with me plz come to Dunlop Area.In this area,you have seen so many bars here,I will take you with me and go to a bar,reserve cabin then we are drink there and you will sex with me inside the cabin,no one watch or catch us because we are safe in cabin.I will drink only beer(3/4 bottle),don't worry,I am even taking more.I will come here rideing  a Scooty and Jean pant,you will easily identify me.I am a friendly lady and caring my friends.Welcome to Dunlop Bar & intercourse with me.I have accepted only gifts and you will pay total amount of Bars.Don't reply this blog because I have no time to see and reply you.Pls don't tell me my cell phone number and try to meet with me on Dunlop,ok.Bye